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29e conférence annuelle de l'ANZSIL - Appel à propositions et communications

La Société australienne et néo-zélandaise de droit international (ANZSIL) fait appel à des propositions et communications de panels pour sa 29e conférence annuelle qui aura comme thème : le droit international et interconnexion mondiale (International Law and Global Inter-connectedness).

Date limite 21 février 2022

Informations en anglais seulement:

The events of 2020 and 2021 continue to emphasize that human inter-connectedness is both granular and uneven. If discussions about international law and globalization in the 1990s and early 2000s focused on high-minded issues of economic integration and (selective) mobility, the COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us of the reality of our physical inter-connectedness as well as the importance of groups such as ‘essential workers’ for the continuing functioning of societies, domestic and international. The escalating climate crisis underscores our inter-connectedness with the environment; a connection that has profoundly shifted and is signaled with the recognition of the Age of the Anthropocene. Simultaneously, forms of inter-connectedness previously taken for granted, such as the global and regional mobility of individuals, goods and services, are facing unprecedented challenges.

These contexts pose significant questions for international law, international lawyers and international legal institutions. At the same time, they offer unique opportunities for re-making the international legal order. At the 29th ANZSIL Conference we encourage participants to reflect on whether and how international law shapes, undermines and re-makes inter-connectedness on a global scale.

We invite participants at the 29th ANZSIL Conference to re-evaluate the role of international law as a force in different forms of social, political and even biological connections including, for example, physical processes that tie us together, emerging regionalisms, border crossings, and transnational solidarities, exemplified by the rise of a global Black Lives Matter movement or Indigenous internationalisms.

For further details on the conference and the call for papers see here.

ANZSIL 29th Conference_call for papers final
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